Basic Seo Tutorial Completely for New Bloggers

Basic SEO Tutorials are the complete series of SEO Tutorials for newbie bloggers so that they can learn how to do SEO easily.

seo tutorialThe Basic SEO Tutorial is a series prepared for Newbie Bloggers. Search Engine optimization in short (SEO). It is a most Powerful and most comfortable way to rank your blog on major search engine specially in Google. Now as we heard that SEO have less importance at this time and content is the King as it always be from beginning of blogging.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very simple to do if you have basic SEO knowledge. People think SEO is hard but the truth is that they never want to learn it they want to make money from blogging by doing nothing. Earning money isn’t hard but learning the stuff is really hard. Nobody wants to learn but everyone wants to earn money.


What is SEO ? And Why I need this SEO Tutorial ?

“Optimizing your Blog like the way that Search Engine Crawlers ( bots who sent by
Search engines to scan your blog ) can be easily read and give maximum exposure and rank to your post that your content deserved.”

In other Words

You have a room and a girl are coming into your room in meanwhile. What would you do to impress her Obviously you clean your room, keep everything in his right place and try to show you the best thing that can impress the girl. That’s Called SEO.

Now SEO is divided into two parts that’s 

  1. On-Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO


 On-Page SEO

“On Page-SEO is basically the optimization of the post when you’re writing it, so that it gets more and more rank on the search engine.”

Some On-page Seo Factors are to be considered while writing the post and optimizing it for SEO –

# Site Speed

what is a blog,blogging as careerSite speed really counts when you’re trying to get ranked for your post on search engine specially on Google, Google clearly said –

“Make the web Faster is our aim”

Every webmaster should consider to optimize their blog or websites and try to reduce its loading time. Here are the some methods that you can take –

  1. Try not to use too many images, always use JPG over PNG format if available.
  2. Use only essential plugin, too many plugins will increase side load time.
  3. Optimize the theme of websites and making less http request from it.
  4. Don’t use the flash.
  5. Use Image optimizing plugin like WP SMUSH.IT and lazyload.


# Using Keywords in Right Way

Using the keyword in a correct manner is very important for all bloggers because if you didn’t add keyword in a right place you never get any rank for your blog because –

For Example – You’re going to purchase a medicine and you tell the pharmacist to give you the medicine he needed you –

Chemist -Which one is it?

You – Anyone for Allergy.

Chemist –  Here are thousand of medicine Is placed for Allergy. Which one you want exactly ?

You – I want XYZ Medicine

Same applied on search engines when Google bots reaches of your site he finds first what the page is all about by seeing your primary targeted keyword and then they scan your content and all and tell the search about the page, so the information Google gets by boats is helping your office to get rank.

Where to Put Keyword for Getting Maximum Rank


There are 5 ways to add a keyword that gives you maximum benefit

# TITLE OF POST , Its Desscription & URL

seo tutorial

Adding keyword in the title of the post is one of the best ways to rank your blog for search engine. The first thing that is analyzed by search engine is the title of post by scanning the title search know the post belongs to which category.

# First Paragraph

Another good place to add your targeted keyword in the post.

Tip : You can use your secondary keyword with your main keyword but remember do whatever you like but never makes it spam

# H!,H2, H3,H4,H5 & H6 Tags

Using keyword here is also beneficial

# Last Paragraph & Images

Use your keyword in ALT and in the last paragraph of your post.

Don’t Like to read, don’t worry we have a presentation for you.

Basic SEO tutorials – ABCD’s of SEO for Newbie Bloggers from ZeelAcademy

# We hoped that you like our Basic SEO Tutorial. More about On-Page SEO tutorials will be published shortly

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  • Hi,

    Thanks for sharing our basic SEO tips which will be useful for every newbie.

    SEO has been the heart of websites and if we don’t do it properly then soon we will be in loss. So doing SEO and ranking it on search engine is a challenging task and if we do it perfectly, then we can gain more traffic.

  • Reginald says:

    Hey mate,

    Interesting :) Only got to add the H1 to H6 headings. For normal bloggers, you can use H1 to H4 and that would work. Using too many of those including H5 and H6 doesn’t give you an edge in terms of SEO :)

    SO use wisely and you should be just fine :D
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  • Sahil Garg says:

    Hello Muhamaad great Written article for Newbies. SEO is only Way to Shine in SERP, For main Titles in Post I mostly Used H2 & h3 Tags and I also Suggest to Use Newbies to Use & Must Use SEO part while Writing a Post.
    This Article is Complete Guide for Newbies to try Their Hands on SEO World.
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  • Rupsa Bose says:

    Hello Muhamaad Hussain,

    Thank you for a very brief but still informative article on SEO. It is really very helpful for newbie. SEO basically boost up a website by directing more traffic to a particular website. As a result it helps to increase the e-marketing of that website. Beginners, having interest on e-marketing should go through this article to have a more clear view of SEO.

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