Blogging: Best Opportunity to Earn and Learn for Students

Blogging is one of the finest way to express, solve the problem of people.

“Blogging is by the People, For the People , To the People”

what is a blog,blogging as careerBlogging is not a just a Hobby now days it becomes a Career for many Graduate Engineers and others [specially Engineers ]. Not just a career it is a best option for many people to earn money, building a business, sharing their views, teaching people and many more….

Now the question comes why students choose Blogging as a Hobby for themselves:


#1 Blogging is Fun


what is a blog?, zeelacademyYep… Blogging is really a fun if you have a passion to do something online, like setting up the Business by yourself, creating an authority website and many more things.

Generally Blogging is fun because it is done by a Computer and everyone loves to use computer [Indian mostly]. People will love to do the task at PC because here no physical skills are required to do blogging like many life tasks wants from Human.


#2 Blogging Gives you Respect


Yes you heard right bro. When I first got some money from my previous Blog, I got an unexplainable reaction from my Parents like:

  1. How you got this money ?
  2. Are you doing anything wrong online ?
  3. Why anyone pays you just for writing the articles ?
  4. What you do with this money ?

Well after facing the encounter of my parents I explained everything to them, hopefully after that my repo is increased in the house now I feel good at home…


#3 Blogging helps you learn


One of the best reasons why I like Blogging is it helps me in learning always. After starting blogging in 2010 I learned the things that change my life. And the main thing that I learned from blogging is Management of Time… How to manage everything ? What do I need to do first?

Hope you like the article, if you have another reason why you like Blogging , feel free to comment and let us know… Good Bye.

About Muhammad Hussain

Muhammad Hussain, A Web Developer & Designer. Like to teach, motivate & inspire people .He loves developing very much, you can call him a Geek.feel free to stay in touch with Muhammad at Twitter

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  • Emmanuel says:

    Hi Muhamaad,
    The power of blogging can’t be in anyway be under-estimated and this is one post which brought some of it to live.

    Blogging is of course a business!
    Emmanuel recently posted…No Blogger can make you RicherMy Profile

  • Yes Emmanuel it is a business, and we loved it
    Muhamaad Hussain recently posted…Blogging: Best Opportunity to Earn and Learn for StudentsMy Profile

  • Abhirath Mahipal says:

    Blogging is fun :)
    Agree to that. Even though I have nothing to edit or change I keep visiting my blog dashboard.

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