Create WordPress Theme – Set Up XAMPP & PHP on your Computer

This Series is divided into three sections-

  1. Create WordPress Theme – Set Up XAMPP & PHP  server on your Blog.
  2. How to Create Theme for WordPress Blog from Scratch – Basic Developing
  3. How to Create Theme for WordPress Blog from Scratch – Advanced Developing

developer,create wordpress themeEither you’re a developer or a newbie blogger who doesn’t have enough money to buy a theme for your WordPress Blog,but  don’t worry dude, we will explain How to create a Theme for WordPress Blog from Scratch.

The very first thing that a visitor sees in your blog is its design, without a good theme or design you can’t impress your visitors the way that your great content deserves.

Creating a theme in WordPress isn’t that difficult, but as you know beginning is always the hardest part in every process you are starting, once started properly no problem comes after that.

NOTE: Here is an exception in the above case, i.e. you’re a great Writer & having good command over language in that situation your content will power your blog with having a normal theme or design the blog have. [But that is an exception & not everyone have that.]

So now question comes from where should I have to start?

To start a process you must need some specific tools (Software’s) to perform a task, here like writing PHP, executing PHP server on local computer, validate HTML & CSS Codes your template, what should be the layout of this theme.

NOTE: You also need to jot down some design layout so that you only focus on your Codes without distracting your mind in Design things.

Things you will need for this tutorial

  1. A Code Editor like NotePad [Download]++ or Sublime Text 2/3 [Download]
  2. XAMPP [for setting up a local PHP server on your Computer] [Download]
  3. FileZilla FTP Client [Download]
  4. Photoshop or Illustrator [Just needed for creating some Images]
  5. Latest WordPress Zip [Download]

Note: Photoshop or Illustrator is not necessarily required, but if you have, the process will be easier.

Setting Up XAMPP on your Local Computer

#1 First Install the XAMPP on your local computer, no extra setting is required just click next every time in the installer.

#2 When XAMPP is successfully installed on your Computer, Go Back to Desktop Screen and click on XAMPP Icon, after a 2-3 Sec you will see a XAMPP control panel on your screen, click START has shown after the APACHE & MySQL text.

create WordPress theme, wordpress theme

#3 opens your Browser (We Recommend Google Chrome), type localhost in the URL box. In meanwhile you’re redirected to localhost home page as shown below.

#4 Clicks on phpMyadmin & again, click on the database tab placed in the top left corner of the page. Enter your database name and press enter or click on Go.

For Example:  Our Database name is za

create wp theme from scratch

#Tip – Make it very short, and then every time you don’t how to enter a long name & it will also make your development faster.

#5 Now minimize Chrome and open My Computer > C drive > xampp > htdocs, press Ctrl + Shift + N & name it exactly same as the name you have given to your database. We here using folder name za because in step #4 we have chosen database name za

#5 Open WordPress folder inside the WordPress zip that you have downloaded at the beginning of the tutorial. Now copy everything inside to za folder created in just above step.

#6 now opens wp-config-sample.php and enters the following detail in it as shown in screenshot below –

 wordpress theme

Save it & rename it as wp-config

#7 Again open chrome and type in url box localohost/za, you will get some WordPress page for registering if everything works well from your end. Again enter the detail whatever you like in it.

Congratulation You have successfully installed Xampp & WordPress in your local Computer.

If you have any query or have problem in installing XAMPP just comment below.we will solve it.

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