What is a Blog? Is Blogging Career Right for You?

What is a Blog ? Blog is a Kind of website that updated whenever his owner want to update it

This decade is the emerging decade of Blogging and upcoming decade will be too. At this time Blogging trend is one of the fastest growing trends, whether it’s full time or part-time. People from Student to Professional are adopting Blogging as their career; especially people who are engineers are mostly adopting it.


Blogging is not only a part time option but nowadays it becomes a Full time Career option. Many Engineers left their career and choose blogging as a full time like Harsh Agarwal of Shoutemould [India’s One of the top blog], Amit Agarwal of Labnol & Kulwant Nagi of [BloggingCage] and there are many more too.


Now the question is WHY they Choosing Blogging?

First we want to say everything has its own pros and cons and this is totally up to you whether you have to choose that career option or not and here are the points that makes blogging a good career option from others -

Freedom of Place

Yes, you hear right. You can do Blogging from anywhere in the world and things you needed is -

  1. Personal Computer
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Few Dollars $ :)
  4. And Mind that works.

Blogging don’t want huge to invest

Blogging doesn’t want you to invest huge money in it. I saw many people who are doing blogging on blogger [a free platform for blogging by Google] earlier are now having successful blogs under their hood. The new Bloggers generally have two ways to do blogging that is –

  1. Time Taker Way
  2. Money Maker Way


Time Taker Way


Time way is the best way to learn blogging for a newbie blogger who just enters in blogging. If you don’t have money to invest, definitely you want time more others to invest in it.

“Nothing is free in the world, everything you use is comes with own cost that depends on the thing you use, whether you have to pay for it now or later”.

what is a blog,blogging as careerFor example when you choose free way of blogging, you have to invest your precious time in it, but on the other hand people who uses the software’s or something for blogging, generally they are doing the same thing at a less time of that work that you do with more time.

Another Example: Many Bloggers use Automated SEO plugin on WordPress like Yoast and All-in-SEO.  And Blogger who uses generally  know how SEO works, that’s why they are using the plugin to reduce the time wastage when doing seo on post manually by these plugins.


Using sites like Blogger.Com , Tumblr.Com , WordPress.Com and others are the best way to learn blogging without spending a penny on it.Many professions are using blogger.com with their custom domain. For example Mustafa  Ahmedzai [MyBloggingTricks.Com].


We suggest you use blogger instead of any platform because it gives you more freedom to do blogging than others and of course it is owned by Google.

Using Time Taker way of blogging also has some cons –

  1. You don’t have full control of your blog
  2. Google anytime can remove your blog and de-index it. [Don’t worry it’s for blog who copy content]
  3. You can’t use PHP on Blogger and in WordPress with some restriction.
  4. Domain matters a lot, hussain.blogspot.com & hussain.com, here people always like to open hussain.com domain instead of first one.

Hope you liked the article next part of it will be published within a few days.

Feel free to comment and share your knowledge about Blogging Time Taker way.

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  • Hey Muhammad,

    Nice article! I like specially the two way of blogging:-
    (1) Time Taker Way
    (2) Money Maker Way

    If you are newbie then you should choose first way. Because it will teach you everything that you should know. Without knowing basics if you invest money in blogging it will be of no use.

    Nice approach ! Keep it up :)

  • Hello@Hussain Thanks for sharing this useful article.Now a day, most of the blogger are either doing engineering or after doing their engineering they opted in the blogging. The main reasons for entering into the blogging is passion, money and no hurdle for an esternal job. Nowdays, many of people arc chosing blogging as their full time job.
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