What is a Blog ? Money Making Way

If you missed the first part here it is – what is a Blog? Is Blogging Career right for you?

 What is a Blog ? Money Maker Way

what is a blog?, zeelacademy Money is raining on the online world, but very less people are able to make money in it. Making money online isn’t difficult but it demands some skills and strategy and plan modified by you and a good understanding of what is a blog,how to write blogs & some blogging tips.

Keep in Mind –> This way isn’t for new bloggers, if you chose this hopefully you’ll lose all your money.

What’s the main reason behind the people who are not able to make money online is –


# curiosity to learn

90% New Bloggers think of just making a blog we’re going to earn lots of money every day. If you think so I’ll notify you, before giving pain in your ass you are going to earn nothing in blogging.

People just to make money quickly and in real world money is never ever made by quickly with legal procedures. I you want to teach something please first learn it, the experiment with it and then give some more teaching from it.


# Luck & Interest


Sometimes luck didn’t work and sometimes you chose wrong field. Luck plays an important role but can we leave everything for luck? No, a true human is who have faith in God but he gave his 100% on your-side and leaves everything else in God hands.


As Himanshu Jindal who got 93 lakhs from Google Says -

“I tried my best and gave 100% on my side and left everything in Gods hand. He really works hard at his studies and receive a solid foundation in computer field, and that’s why he easily cleared all rounds of exam conducted by Google India and Us”

He also said – I always studied harder and harder, you can’t win races by only doing practical you must have some theoretical knowledge also. So student you must concentrate on Studies first.

“One writer said – Biggest weapon in the world against all you Enemies is Education”

And sometime you chose the wrong career because –

  1. Your friend recommends it to you.
  2. You chose it because one of the family friendliest doing it.
  3. Its reputable career and too much money it have (It’s good but you must choose the career you like).

Lesson  -> Choose the career in which you have an interest not in which your father holds an interest.

# Facebook


Fb…. Feb….. Feb….. we think the biggest problem of blogger is not traffic but get away from Facebook, here best  quote of a Blogger –

“If I’m not addicted to Facebook, then I’ll  the king of Blogging”

Pass on everything now and take  a look at some reason that might you have & will bounding you to use Facebook are –

  1. Human loves social environment and they love to be near where humans gather mostly, so this is not your fault to get away from Facebook it has largest no of active members.
  2. Actually you love Facebook not Blogging.
  3. Whole time seeing the news feed nothing else.


Hope you liked our article, please comment below an tell how if you have another problem in blogging?

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  • umesh says:

    hhmm… really a nice article, making money from blog is not a that much easy, just do what we want, then money will be byproduct only ^-^

  • Nizam Khan says:

    Useful post! Well, it’s not easy at all to start earning in the beginning of the blogging career. It will take time and effort to understand and to implement money making strategies. Hence a newbie must always learn and then implement in order to get success.

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